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Wine Cocktail Recipes

White Wine Cocktails

Garden of eden cocktail

Create a stir with this savory cocktail.

The only thing more irresistible than our Garden of Eden Cocktail made with Limelight Pinot Grigio is the person you’re sharing it with.

Ménage à Trois Gold Spritzer

Treat yourself to something gold

This cocktail captures your attention with eye-catching style and thrills your senses with its wealth of ripe, tropical fruit flavors, luxurious French vanilla, and hints of sweet spice.

Cinnamon Sugar Chardonnay Aperitif

sweet addition to your Thanksgiving

This delightful, easy-drinking, Cinnamon Sugar Chardonnay aperitif is fresh, fruity, and festive.

Apple Cider Twist

The taste of fall

With just one sip, you (and all of your family and friends) will fall for our Sutter Home Chardonnay Apple Cider Cocktail.

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