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FRE Lavender & Butterfly Pea Flower Spritz

Fragrant and refreshing

FRE Lavender and Butterfly Pea Flower Spritz
The perfect mocktail to cool down on a hot summer day. Create this delicious and picture-worthy Alcohol-Removed Lavender & Butterfly Pea Flower Spritz Cocktail with FRE Sparkling Brut for all your friends to enjoy!


  • Bring water to a boil, remove from heat.
  • Add lavender and butterfly pea flower powder and stir to combine.
  • Steep 15-20 minutes, strain out lavender through a fine mesh strainer.
  • Let tea cool then pour 2 oz into a glass with ice.
  • Top with FRE Sparkling Brut.
EXPLORE FRE Alcohol-Removed Sparking Brut
Fre alcohol removed sparkling brut

FRE Alcohol-removed Sparkling Brut