White Wines

Discover the unexpected complexity of white wine with our selection sourced from the Napa Valley to New Zealand.

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Albariño >

Albariño [alba-reen-yo] is a delightedly refreshing coastal white wine. Primarily known and loved for its rich stone fruit flavors, a hint of salinity, and zippy acidity.

Chardonnay >

Chardonnay [shaar·duh·nei] is one of the more popular white wine varieties. Originating in France, this white wine can be found in vineyards across the world. Known for a refreshing palate, flavor profiles can vary from lean to crisp with high acidity, to fruity, oaky, and full-bodied.

Chenin Blanc >

Chenin Blanc [she-nən blahnk] is a white wine originating from France, traditionally used as a blending wine, known for its high acidity. This white wine showcases delicate citrus, apple blossom aromas, and vivid fruit flavors.

Gewürztraminer >

Gewürztraminer [ga-VERTZ-trah-mee-ner] is rich and generous with exotic spices and delicately sweet flavors. A soft, golden color in the glass, this wine is brimming with the alluring aromas of white peaches, lychee, and rose petals. Lush with fruit flavors with warm notes of allspice are balanced on the palate by a delicious, crisp acidity.

Grüner >

Grüner [grew-ner] is a crisp, bright, white wine with juicy notes of tart Fuji apple. The palate opens with aromas of key lime, freshly cut lemon peel, white pepper, and delicious pear blossoms

Moscato >

Moscato [mo-ska-toh] is a delightfully sweet yet refreshing white wine. Moscato displays flavors and aromas of stone fruit, melons, and citrus. Flavors are perfectly balanced by refreshing acidity, and vivid crisp finish.

Pinot Grigio >

Pinot Grigio [pee-noh GREE-jioe] is a popular ready-to-drink white wine varietal with a balanced portfolio of subtle citrus, tropical fruits, and floral aromas.

Pinot Gris >

Pinot Gris [pee-noh gree] is a refreshing white wine known for a bright, subtly sweet stone fruit, citrus and melon flavor profile. Showcasing a light to medium body, this wine has crisp acidity and light minerality.

Riesling >

Riesling [REESE-ling] is a favorite varietal for sweet white wine lovers. With a bold flavor profile comprised of citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, and apple. Known for high acidity and rich aromas of honey, citrus, and honeycomb, this wine is best when served cold.

Sauvignon Blanc >

Sauvignon Blanc [saw-vee-nyon blahnk] is a refreshingly crisp white wine with balanced acidity, and a long clean finish. This white wine is known to have a complex fruit-forward flavor profile and aromas of stone fruit, tropical fruit, and citrus.

White Blend >

White blends are commonly recognized as white wine are a great way to experience different white wine varietals. Blends can be made up of any white wine varietal composition, and can vary in flavor profiles, aromas, body and color.


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