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Unearth rich flavors from our vast assortment of red wines, ranging from light-bodied to bold.

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Barbera >

Barbera [bar-BEH-rah] is a drier red wine on the mid-palate, originating from Italy. Barbera is known for deep color, full-body, low tannins, and high levels of acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon >

Cabernet Sauvignon [kab-er-nay soh-VIN-yohn] is one of the world’s most recognized red wine varieties. It is known for its bold tannins, high acidity, and medium to full body with black fruit notes and dark spices, although this can vary from wine to wine.

Grenache >

Grenache [gruh-NASH] is known for its inky black in color. The rare red wine variety varies in flavors and aromas dominated by black currant, spice, and stone fruit.


GSM is a red wine blended from Grenache [gruh-NASH] , Syrah [siːrɑ] , and Mourvèdre [mohr-VED-dra] . Depending on how it is blended, GSM can vary in boldness to acidity levels. Primarily is bright garnet red with purple hues. Flavor profiles varying of candied spice, cherry, plum, star anise, cloves, with a hint of vanilla.

Merlot >

Merlot [MUR-low] is an ultra-popular red wine variety. Primarily on the drier side, Merlot varies in flavors of blackberries, plums, chocolate, strawberries, depending on the climate it is grown in. This approachable wine variety showcases a medium to full-bodied palate, with well-structured tannins, and balanced acidity through a long finish.

Malbec >

Malbec [maal·bek] is a full-bodied red wine that originated in Argentina. Known for its plump, dark fruit flavors, opulent tannins, and smoky velvety finish.

Petite Sirah >

Petite Sirah [peh-TEET sih-RAH] is recognized for its deep rich color. Known for a flavor profile that is focused and captivating with generous, rustic tannins, pepper, cream, berries, and spices complemented by an elegant, lingering finish.

Petit Verdot >

Petit Verdot [puh-TEET-vare-DOE] is bold in tannin structure and body, Petit Verdot often showcases bright aromas of cola, dried herbs, tobacco, cedar, and tea notes that allure the nose. With a palate that is not overpowering balancing a smooth finish and well-balanced acidity.

Pinot Noir >

Rich in flavor, Pinot Noir [pee-noh nwahr] is a coastal red wine that offers a vivacious and exotic presentation. Recognized for a balanced palate of berries, floral notes, stone fruit, and earthiness. This varietal is quite enjoyable in its youth and possesses impressive aging potential.

Port >

Port [pour-t] is classically recognized as a red dessert fortified wine, though its profile can vary in dry, semi-dry, aged, and white varieties. Port wine is known for bold flavors of berries, caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon.

Red Blend >

Commonly recognized as “Red Wine” or “Red Blends”, these wines are a great way to experience different red varietals. Blends can be made up of any red wine varietal composition and can vary in flavor profiles, tannin structure, aromas, body, and color.

Sangiovese >

Sangiovese [san jioe VAE sae] delivers delicious flavors of ripe cherries, earthiness, and jammy red fruits. Balancing aromas of sweet, spicy oak, and vanilla, this Italian red wine varietal can vary in complexity and depth and can be considered a chameleon red wine varietal.

Shiraz >

Shiraz [shuh·raaz] is notoriously rich crimson with intense purple hues. Depending on how Shiraz is aged. The wine has a mailable flavor profile varying in the herb, black fruits, pepper to vanilla. This elegant, lean, yet powerful complex wine is a great addition to the dinner table.

Tempranillo >

Tempranillo [tem prah NEE yoh] is notoriously a full-bodied complex red wine. Intense purple in color with powerful and elegant aromas of soft minerals, ink, fresh mint, mulling spice, wild herbs, toffee, and cocoa.

Sweet Red >

Sweet Red is an approachable, soft-styled wine with delicate peach and floral aromas that reveal abundant fresh cherry, juicy berry, and ripe peach flavors on the palate. Plush mouthfeel and smooth, sweet flavors are beautifully complemented by refreshing acidity.

Teroldego >

Teroldego [teh-ROHL-deh-goh] is a beautiful, bold and striking wine. Deep purple in color, it is balanced by soft and enticing aromas of burnt crème brûlée, toasted coconut, blackberry, earth, plum, and dried oregano. This wine showcases a rich entry that leads to a dense midpalate and a long finish of velvety tannins and plum.

Zinfandel >

Zinfandel [zin fuhn del] can vary in aromas of berries, notes of vanilla, spice, and well-balanced acidity. This red wine opens with dark fruit and vanilla. Followed by velvety tannins on the mid-palate, and a long finish, with hints of spices, and herbs.


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